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About Us

Separation of Corporation and State is about a possible future where leaders can’t be bought/sold like currency. Where businesses are free to do what they want as long as they are providing a service to the community. Where the ones who write the regulations aren’t the ones who benefit from them financially.

Separation of Corporation and State does not support any particular ideology such as capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism or any of the other isms that are popular in modern discussion. We support an open dialog, debate and new ideas from all sides of the political spectrum for what might work in the 21st century.


In the 21st century there are some different problems than in the past. One main problem that exists today is that powerful corporations and wealthy Oligarchs have been able to effectively buy out the Government through lobbying and campaign contributions (otherwise known as bribes). Because of this, government policies in all areas are compromised in terms of providing for the needs of the people in general.

When the United States was founded, corporations were very small at that time and didn’t have enough power to overthrow the people or the nation. This is no longer the case. This overthrow did not happen overnight, it happened gradually and quietly over the decades. Sometime between then and now the corporations were able to surpass and control the government through the buying and selling of political seats of power.  A political candidate today needs a lot of money just to run for or compete for any political office. This is a reflection of the level of dominance the corporations have over the Government, and why policy doesn’t reflect public opinion or public needs.

A new constitutional amendment specifically separating corporations or big business interests from government policy would be a great first step. Lobbying would only be allowed from individuals, corporations would not be able to contribute to a political campaign and government office holders would not be able to form policy on a business or market they are currently involved in.

The main goal of Separation of Corporation and State is to help expose and bring to light conflicts of interest as they happen between corporations, governments and big money and how this affects public policy. Individuals from all sides of the political spectrum are harmed by these policies but in many cases are not aware of what’s causing these policies to happen. We hope to change that.